COLOMBIA - The Republic of Colombia is a country in northwestern South America which are dense forests. About 72% is forest area. Colombia is bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the North, and Northwest; Venezuela and Brazil in the East; Peru and Ecuador to the South; as well as Panama and the Pacific Ocean on the West. Colombia is the second largest coffee producing country in the world after Brazil. Countries crossed by the equator is also producer of emeralds. Almost 95% of the world's emeralds consumption comes from this country. An area of about 2.5 times the size of the island of Sumatra.

Colombia is the 26th largest country in the world, and the fourth largest in South America (after Brazil, Argentina, and Peru), with an area more than twice that of France. In Latin America, this country also to third country population after Brazil and Mexico. Colombia is also the power with the power of the medium with the second largest population of Spain-speaking in the world after Mexico.

Known for its culture, and is also a centre of manufacturing industry etrbesar in South America. Colombia is also a country with a varied ethnic diversity in the Southern Cross, which was the result of large-scale migration in the 20th century. And since that time, the country is getting a drastic population additions.

The country is also experiencing a small-scale intensive conflicts with the rebel guerrilla groups, former military, narkobag trade and corruption in a number of small towns. Konlfik this happened around the year 1964-1966, when the Military forces of Colombia (FARC), Revolutionary and national Liberal Army (ELN) was established, and when started the campaign "guerrilla" rebellion against the Government of Colombia.

places of interest to tourists in Colombia:

  • Cartagena

Cartagena is a popular city in Colombia that combines a variety of cultural history. Ports, forts, and monuments in Cartagena are located on the Caribbean Sea was selected in 1984 by UNESCO as the most historic attractions in South America. The system is divided into several zones divide the city into three areas: San Pedro, with the Church and the Palace of Andalusian-style; San Diego, where merchants and the middle class once lived; and Getsemani, a popular neighborhood.
  • Bogotá

Bogotá is the capital of Colombia that has everything the cosmopolitan modernity juxtaposed with a history of 500 years the establishment of Colombia. In Bogotá you can visit the famous Gold museum exhibiting pre-Columbian art, as well as the largest collection of the works of the artist Botero's famous around the world. You can also eat at world-class restaurants, shopping in La Candelaria and enjoy the nightlife in Zona Rosa.
  • The Coffee Triangle

Colombia is the most famous coffee-producing countries in the world. Many tours are held in the region's Coffee Triangle. This tour can take you through the beautiful green countryside, where you can explore the coffee garden, ride horses, and visit the Cocora Valley full of Palm trees in the world.
  • Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park is one of the most visited in Colombia. The Park has an area of 15,000 hectares filled with tropical wildlife and archaeological treasures. In the Tayrona National Park, you can do scuba diving, researching the various wildlife and relax on the beach.

  • Amazon

A trip to the Amazon rain forest in Colombia is certainly one of the experiences that should be attempted every nature lover. In the Amazon rainforest, you can do the observations of various wildlife. Endangered species like dolphins pink, anaconda, jaguar and more than 1500 different species of birds can be found with ease here. The vast Amazon rainforest more than 1 billion acres and includes areas in Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru. These forests produces about 20% of the world's oxygen. Half of the species of plants, animals and insects on Earth living in the Amazon.
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