BRAZIL - The Federal Republic of Brazil (Portuguese: República Federativa do Brazil) is the country's largest and most populated area in South America. This country is the easternmost country in the American continent and is bordered by the Andes mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. Brazil's name is taken from the name of the Brazilian wood, a type of local wood. Brazil is home to the extensive agricultural and tropical rain forest. As a former colony of Portugal, the official language of Brazil is Portuguese. In addition, Brazil as well as the world's largest coffee producer.

places of interest that exist in brazil, a city full of surprises:

  • The City Of Rio De Janeiro

The town is very famous in Brazil. Many films – film world that take this place as one location. Indeed it has tourism potential that can only be found in Rio De Janeiro. The first is the Iconic statue of Christ the. This statue has become a famous landmark of the city of Rio De Janeiro. The image which has been around since 1931 this soaring up 38 metres above the Summit of Mount Corcavado. In addition there is also the famous white sand beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, that is. Then there's the Sugar Loaf. This place is the Hill of rock that can make you see the sights of the city Rio 360 degrees. The latter is the Tijuca National Park. This is the world's largest uraban forest with an area of 32 thousand hectares located at the city. Here too there are many wildlife and waterfalls.
  • The City Of Cuiaba

Cuiabá is one of the beautiful cities in Brazil consisting of two sister cities, namely Old Varzea Grande and Cuiabá. The city has 3 very different natural environments. The first is the savanna environment. Then the Pantanal (Swamp is the largest in the world) and the most worldwide, the Amazon rain forest. Here too we will get a very Brazilian food is delicious. I.e. the fish River pantaneiro.
  • Iguazu Fallz

Brazil is indeed full of stunning natural tourist destinations. One is the Iguazu Fallz. Tourist attractions in Brazil is one of the most amazing natural wonders of the world. Iguazu fallz were a series of magnificent waterfalls, situated on the river Iguazu, mengakangi the border between Brazil and Argentina. This waterfall has its own beauty and become a stunning spectacle. But the beauty of Iguazu Fallz becomes even more because of the surrounding dense forest full of exotic wildlife. Gateway to the Brazilian side of the waterfalls in Foz do Iguaçu is named, which is a big city and it is quite safe to visit in the Brazilian standard.
  • Manaus

The city this one being one of the places to do World cup soccer event. Precisely in the Stadium Arena de Amozonia. In addition, the city is a unique city situated in the midst of the world famous tropical forests, forest Amozon. Thus, you will adventure hobby
Browse the amazon rainforest, You will get an interesting tour package and as a cover, you'll get to enjoy the typical food of the Amazon rain forest.
  • Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is not the only predicate as the largest city in Brazil, but also as one of the world's largest menurt population. Located in the southeast of Brazil, you will see the other side of Brazil that is not always solely about nature. The city is known for its skyscrapers. In addition the city of Sao Paulo is also very famous for its gastronomy and the chef is a strong cultural scene. Although Sao Paulo known as Concrete Jungle, but there is also a large number of public parks and even sections of the Atlantic rain forest.
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