The Deepest Trench in the World

The Deepest Trench in the World - World charm will give information that discusses the trough. Riverbed is the abyss in the sea floor. The deepest trench on Earth is the Mariana Trench, located in the Northwest Pacific Ocean at depths of the Challenger that has the depth of 10,923 meters around. Learn about it soon:

Marianas Trench

Marianas Trench or Mariana Trench is the deepest trench of the known, and the location of terdalamnya in the Earth's crust. This trough is located at the base of the Northwest Pacific Ocean, East of Kepualauan Mariana 11 ° 21 ' North latitude and 142 ° 12 ' East longitude, near the State of Japan. This trench is the boundary where two tectonic plates meet, subduction zone where the Pacific plate under the Philippine Plate disubduksi. The depth of the trench is far below sea level, further than the height of Mount Everest above sea level.

This trench has a maximum depth of 10,911 meters (35.798 ft) below sea level. When calculated according to the latitude and longitude of the Earth, this trench 6.366.4 km from the Centre of the Earth. The Arctic Ocean, on the other hand, with a depth of 4 km, distance to the center of the Earth's ocean floor of 6.352 .8 km, of ~ 8.5 miles closer.

First observed in 1951 by British Navy ships, Challenger II, which gives the name of the deepest point of the trench depth of Challenger. Using echo sounds, the Challenger II measured into 5.960 fathom (10.900 m) at 11 ° 19 ' U, 142 ° 15 ' t. Penyuaraan was repeated many times using the "earphone" to hear the signal back when "stylus" pass "graduated" depth scales, while the measurement of the time the engine speed when the echo-sound, a necessary part of this process, dealt with "stopwatch". For this reason it is considered quite careful to reduce one scale Division (20 fm) official announced a new depth when 5940 fm (10.863 m).

The activity of microbes found in the deepest point in the Pacific Ocean. Glud, Ronnie biology researcher from the University of Southern Denmark, has been looking for, a trace of life in the Mariana Trench in the Western Pacific since the end of 2010. The Mariana Trench is composed of the underwater valleys and areas known as the deepest in the face of the Earth.

The Challenger Deep is the deepest trough it. Objects that reside in the Valley will be suppressed the water column as high as 10.9 kilometers. The pressure at this point 1,100 times more powerful than the pressure at sea level. Hollywood director James Cameron ever soak in this point is wearing a mini submarine anti-high pressure in order to survive. On the extreme points of this scientific equipment put Glud.

Over the past two years, the instrument is churning out sediment in the bottom of the Valley. During this time their research fully books by bacterial activity records. "At the extreme it still found the bacterial community," he said.

The presence of bacteria in place of extremes have long been known to researchers. However, the findings surprising happens when researchers compare Riverbed sediments with sediment on the floor of the ocean at a depth of 3-6 kilometres. Sediment in the Challenger Deep save 10 million cubic centimetres every Microbe. This amount is 10 times more than the ocean floor sediments. Bacteria in the deepest point of even two times more active than its cousin in the more shallow point.

Life is strewn in the deepest point is due to Challenger Deep as an effective sediment collectors. Its large size and deep chasm creating a buildup of sediment runs quickly in this area. The sediment it carries organic materials into a source of nutrition for microbes.

Microbes in the Challenger Deep was instrumental in keeping the carbon cycle. In a place that is very deep as the Mariana Trench, the bacteria feed on organic material while releasing carbon dioxide. Hence carbon never settles into a fossil fuel in extreme depth.

You see where the deepest in the world? the answer is no and no not the other is the Mariana Trench. The Mariana Trench is a place located at the base of the northwestern Pacific Ocean, specifically East of the Mariana Islands at 11 ° 21 ° North latitude and 142 ° 12 ° East longitude, near the Philippines and Japan.

This trench is the deepest trench in the world which is in the terdalamnya location of the Earth's crust. the basis of this trench below sea level, further than the height of Mount everest above sea level. The depth of the trough it reached 11,034 meters (36,201 feet) below sea level with a long trough reached 2550 Km (1580 MI).

As the image with such depth, if Mount Everest 8848 altitude metres are at the bottom of the trench, then the Summit of Everest still 2.076 meters below sea level. Or if we freefall into it, us takes 5 hours to reach the base.
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