Natural Beauty of Indonesia in the eyes of the World

Natural Beauty of Indonesia in the eyes of the World - INDONESIA is rich in this nation of its flora and fauna which stretches from sabang to merauke, with rows of these islands makes so banya alam2 as yet terexpose by all of us, it is of this nature we should keep the preserved it is one way we are grateful for this wonderful gift of Allah. The following pictures are beautiful landscapes in our country indonesia.

What is here is just partial because there is so much natural beauty so incredible that may not be an exposé by by the media. For those of you who like to walk around its head is definitely a collection of beautiful nature, the course for the personal memories of just kan, that certainly could be just what you have no less beautiful with what is here.

Indonesia is a country that has many places that are not inferior to the charm of nature that exist in the world. INDONESIA has beautiful mountains, vast oceans, lakes, craters, waterfalls and also many places of tourist attractions in the country.
Here are a few places that could be a tourist attraction for lovers of the roads : 
  • Mountain Jaya Wijaya (Papua, Indonesia)

Puncak Jaya is a Summit that became part of the Sudirman in Papua Province, Indonesia. Has altitude 5.030 Puncak Jaya m and the surrounding glaciers are the only tropical glaciers, Carstensz in Indonesia, which most likely will soon disappear due to global warming.
  • Sea views Bali (Bali, Indonesia)

Bali sea is a sea located to the North of the island of Bali. North Bali Sea there are islands of Kangean, Sumenep Regency region, East Java. The town on the island of bali overlooking the sea is singaraja, bali while the sights are near the sea, bali Lovina beach is famous for its dolphins attractions.
  • WaterFall Sipiso piso (Karo, Sumatera Utara)

Exploring Sipiso-piso waterfall is one of the tourist attractions on the island of Sumatra. Located in Karo Regency, North Sumatra, which is not so far from the settlement Tongging villagers. This waterfall is located in the hills with an elevation of about 800 mdpl and surrounded by pine forest. Management of the natural attractions of this waterfall is held by the local Government of Karo Regency. It has an altitude of about 120 metres, exploring Sipiso-piso Waterfall is one of the highest waterfall in Indonesia. The existence of this waterfall, Karo Regency became one of the most tourist places of interest by domestic and foreign tourists.
  • Segara Anak Lake (Lombok, Indonesia)

Segara Anak is a crater lake of Mount Rinjani in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The name Segara Anak means child sea given to it because of the color of blue sea Lake is reminiscent of.

Segara Anak is a lake in the caldera of Mount Rinjani, Lombok Lawang Village Sembalun regions, West Nusa Tenggara. Segara (sea) child means a child of the sea are believe to be part of the sea split into an island. It is in the water color dasari Wednesday blue like the sea. The Lake lies at an altitude of approximately 2000 mdpl. If you climb Mount Rinjani (3726 Mdpl), generally the Tour Guide will take you across the Lake and spend the night there.

A lot of interesting things that can be done in this Lake. In the Lake there are fish many fish tilapia, oreochromis mossambicus, and mas. These fish are deliberately dikembangbiakkan by the Government and local communities to increase the attraction of Lake segara anak. Do not forget to prepare equipments for those of you who want to climb Mount Rinjani.

Climbers mount Rinjani trekking path that makes many down the Valley beside the Lake to give offerings to the gods of the didasar Lake. From the Lake looks a mountain volcano (Mount New Fingers which means mountain of incipient) who is the son of Mount rinjani and nearby there is a hot water source is believed to be able to treat a variety of skin diseases.

In the area of the camp near Lake segara Anak there is an old tree that is sacred to the local population. With an intermediate tree is believed that what we want can be answered. Myths that developed in the local community that if you have desires that haven't gotten around to making a wish then gantungkanlah a stone on this tree and then say you desire. If your desire is achieved, then the stones you hang the earlier should be immediately released. According to local people, if you do not return the stone of desire that you have achieved will return sirna.

A view on the Lake is very beautiful and it's amazing so many travelers outside as well as within the country to arrive and climb Mount Rinjani to witness to the indahan Lake. Lake Segara Anak the breadth of 1,100 ha with a depth of 230 m.

  •  Thousand Islands (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Thousand island or the thousand islands which is one of the area name in jakarta located in North jakarta, the archipelago is made up of 110 of the island consists of an island inhabited and uninhabited islands of the thousand islands, is one of the tourist attractions in jakarta who have many choices at islands of each island has typical tersediri

so many islands in the thousand islands is so dubbed in the 1000 Islands Yes but the number of islands in the thousand islands Island only 110, so a thousand Island enchantment which has the attraction of a typical marine views are no less exsotic with bali, tourism package on offer in the thousand islands are very diverse, some kind of a tourist island in the thousand islands which are divided into 2 types

Community based tourist island :
  1. Island Tidung
  2. Scout Island
  3. Island Of Hope
  4. Pulau Pari
Private Island Risort :
  1. The Island Of Sepa
  2. Island Bush leaves
  3. Pulau kotok
  4. Island Princess
  5. Angel Island
  6. The small Geteng island
  7. Big Island Tile
  8. Rainbow Island
  9. The Island Of Gnetum
  10. Island Tiger/tiger island
  11. Angel Island
  12. Pulau ayer
  13. The Island Of The Sun
  14. Pantara Island

the thousand Islands tour that many options which can be customize with your desire to travel kepulau thousand, feel the sensation of the beauty of nature tourism that is in jakarta for a thousand kepulaun who like to Traveling to pulau seribu we provide a number of alternatives we provide about a thousand Island package or a few thousand Islands tour package description of the tours in the thousand islands have been given in some posting about the tourist island in the thousand islands in customize with desire , there have been many tourists traveling to the island of a thousand even stayed over and over until you have not tried it try and feel the sensation of traveling to the island of a thousand feel a million charm charm coral reefs teeming with specifically, make sure that your tour can be much more memorable than usual

Not only that the State-owned Indonesia, of course there are many more, I'll tell you all about INDONESIA but in the next season. I LOVE INDONESIA. See You
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