5 Beach Resorts in Aceh

1. Lange Beach(Aceh Barat)

5 Beach Resorts in Aceh - Lange's Beach in the village of Lam Lhom, Aceh Besar. From this beach, you can enjoy an interesting spot known for its Beach Ie Rah, two fountains, which slid from behind the rock.

Lange still Beach exoticism "Virgin" made many a traveler or backpacker local curious to follow along behind the mountains.

Mid-March 2014, Aceh Tourism Team searching for Lange. Trip starts from the city of Banda Aceh to the tourist area of Lampuuk. Takes about 30 minutes with a mileage of about 20 kilometers. Or if the Highway passes through Banda Aceh-Lhok Nga about 15 minutes.

We pass the entrance gate Lampuuk Beach, stopping at the mosque, the mosque who Died survived the raging tsunami in 2004 departed, despite being on the lips of the sea. From here, we access the village road to dealing with a junction at jalan Gampong Meunasah Lamgirek.

There are information boards plugged there Joel's Bungalow as a guide. We turn right to meet famplet to the beach and the mountains of Lampuuk Lange.

Turn left to continue the trip. Touched the forest quiet. Entering the street trails, rocks, and uphill. Our guided Rahmad Taufik twice already to Lange. We parked a motor in a saung for having devised a plan for spending the night there.

Had to climb the mountain before reaching Lampuuk Lange. This is the hardest phase. The climb with a slope of 45 degrees takes one hour. But after coming down the mountain, there is the saung bamboo that we could use as a place to gather energy.

Our next flat winding trails. The car body as wide as this jeep looks like a former stream. We menyusurinya with small stones arranged as a foothold. The tropical forest canopy overarching goals tracking our tubs. However, the afternoon sun light emits light through the cracks of large rooted trees.

2. Iboih Beach (Sabang)

Iboih beach is one of the few beaches that became favorites among backpacker community on the island of Weh. This beach is one of the goals of the travelers from different parts of the world. It is not surprising if we pay a visit to the beach then dominated by foreign tourists staying up to weeks.

Iboih beach is actually named the official "Teupin Layeu", but is better known as the beach, Iboih Iboih Beach offers everything ... the beauty under the sea we can enjoy without even having to swim though. Not a few tourists who declare Iboih Beach beauty, protected forest Iboih has charming coastline with golden sand and rocks of the composition. The shallow ocean floor emit bluish green, even shone a peace. Cling like a smiling lips curved welcomes the traveler to feel the warmth of the tropical rain forest bertahtakan a wealth of flora and fauna of Indonesia.

Here there are many boats belonging to residents who can be hired to get around the island or to simply look at the dots to dreamy beauty under the sea around the island of Bhikkhunis. The boats are available in General consists of small boats and large boats. For those of us who could not swim, big boats are generally fitted glass window overlooking the base and can be used to view the underwater beauty of the boat. But for those of you who like to snorkling and diving, you can rent snorkling equipment is fairly priced at Rp 40,000 per person and equipment that can be used is the buoy, the master of snorkling, and frog legs. For those of you who want to enjoy the underwater nature more freely, you can rent diving equipment and accompanied by guide by paying Rp 400,000 per person or 25 Euro for foreign tourists.

Iboih is only about 1 hour drive from Sabang or from the port of Balohan. The fare must be issued approximately USD 50,000 or more for each person could even be cheaper if together with other travellers.

3. Lampuuk Beach (Banda Aceh)

This beach had ever been neglected because of the tsunami brunt on 2006, but now it has already been crowded visited by tourist, especially on the weekend. The tourists who come to the beach are not only from the local tourists but also from foreign tourists.

Natural panoramic beauty of the beach becomes the magnet for the tourist. White sand that lies on the beach makes it more gorgeous. Besides that, tourists who come there can also swimming, sun-bathing, fishing, sailing, surfing, and even diving while enjoying the beauty of its underwater.

Another attraction from this tourist area is its Golf Course Seulawah with panoramic ocean background. In addition to, tourist can also enjoy the beauty of panoramic sunset that will make the beauty of the beach look more exotic.

Lampuuk Beach is located in Lhoknga sub district, Aceh Besar Regency, Aceh Province. The distance from the city of Banda Aceh is only 20 km that makes the access to this beach resort easier.

For the tourists who prefer to go by private vehicle, the line that can be passed is line of Banda Aceh – Calang (Aceh Jaya) that only takes at least 20 minutes. Meanwhile, tourists who prefer to take public transportation may take urban public transportation direction of Banda Aceh – Lhoknga that takes 35 minutes.

After the tsunami brunt, all the facilities and accommodations which are available in this beach resort also destroyed. Even so, tourists who come the beach resort do not have to worry about that because they are able to get lodging, restaurant, and other facilities in the city of Banda Aceh that are not too far from the beach resort.

4. Lhoknga Beach (Banda Aceh)

Lhoknga Beach location not far from Lampuuk Beach, about 20 km from Banda Aceh. Lhoknga Beach has sand and ramps, fit you use to sunbathing or playing beach volleyball. Here there are also shady trees for you to relax. If you are less satisfied relax and sunbathe, you could try surfing in the sea. Lhoknga Beach has waves as suitable for surfing with a height of 1.5-2 meters.

5. Geurutee Beach (Aceh Jaya)

Mount Gurutee located in Aceh Jaya Regency is Calang beribukita. Mount gurute become one-a ground path to The Pnatai South West Aceh a myriad of distorted beauty that is inexhaustible, that's why gurute is often called as the gateway to the beautiful West coast of the South. In Gurutee extraordinary natural beauties, there are cottages built along the retreat, from cottage visitors can enjoy the expanse of blue ocean and two small islands and fishing boats.
Road trip distance from Banda Aceh to Geurutee about a half hour more. The area is crowded from the community of Banda Aceh, Calang and besides which happens to be just a stopover from the trip. While enjoying a snack and a cup of hot coffee will make the atmosphere more pleasant.

In addition, the morning and evening is often seen herds of similar animals that Baboon monkey floating around the cliffs of Mount precipice. The Baboon is generally always a spectacle society. Visitors often give food as entertainment while enjoying a panoramic view of natural geurute.

Panoramic view of the peaks of Geurutee, in fact, more seductive than the top of Cisarua, Bogor. From the height of its mountains, your eyes genitnya the edge of the white waves pampered the never tired berkejar-kejaran, deep sea that turn blue, and a picturesque hillside onggokkan. Even if the weather is sunny and the sun began to fall to the Western horizon, You can be sure was not gonna let sunset pass. That's Geurutee, a peak that is experiencing the perfect marriage between rugged mountains, expanses of rice fields, gardens, sea, forests, valleys, gorges, and exotic bays. Because of its charm is that, then, people make use of Geurutee as the backrest of his life by selling coffee, tea, food, and beverages as a complement to relax.
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