SABANG ISLAND (INDONESIA) - Sabang is a municipality consisting of a main island (Weh Island) and several smaller islands off the northern tip of Sumatra. The islands form a city within Aceh Special Region, Indonesia. The administrative centre is located on Weh Island, 17 km north of Banda Aceh. The city covers an area of 153.0 square kilometres and according to the 2010 census had a population of 30,653 people, the latest estimate (for January 2014) is 32,271. Sabang is also known as the northernmost and westernmost city in Indonesia, located at 95.5 E, 6.0 N

  • Klah Island (0.186 km²)

Beautiful island located in Sabang bay can only be traveled by boat or small boat. However this is not a problem for foreign tourists who want to see the scenery of beauty. In this island there is a beacon to guide shipping traffic at night.
  •  Rondo Island (0.650 km²)

Rondo Island (Indonesian: Pulau Rondo, Acehnese: Pulo Rondo) is an outlying islands of Indonesia and the country's northernmost island,[1] part of the Aceh province of Sumatra. Administratively this island is part of the city of Sabang, located on Weh Island south of Rondo. It borders the Nicobar Islands to the north.
  • Rubiah Island (0.357 km²)

Rubiah island is one of the islands which lie in the area of Nangroe Aceh Darussalam. The island is part of the town of Sabang, on the northwest side of the island of Weh. An island covering an area of 26 hectares offers the beauty of paradise under the sea and nautical tourism very riveting. Even this island paradise known as marine parks. This is because the island is like an aquarium containing a wide variety of ornaments on it.
  • Seulako Island (0.055 km²)

One of the islands which has a beautiful view of the sea below is seulako. The island has been famous in many tourists as a place for diving and enjoy the beauty of the garden that is on the bottom of the sea. Sabang island has an area of 0.055 square kilometers which is coterminous with a variety of sea life that lives under the sea.
  • Weh Island (121 km²)

Weh Island or Pulau Weh or Pulo Weh (by the local population commonly referred to only as "Sabang", the name of the largest city) is a small active volcanic island to the northwest of Sumatra, 45 minutes by fast regular ship or 2 hours by ferry from mainland, Banda Aceh.It was originally connected to the Sumatran mainland and became separated by sea after the volcano's last eruption in the Pleistocene era.The island is situated in the Andaman Sea. The largest city on the island, Sabang, is the northernmost outpost of Indonesia.

The island is known for its ecosystem; the Indonesian government has declared 60 square kilometres (23 sq mi) of inland and sea around the island as a wildlife protection area. A rare megamouth shark species was found on shore and the island is the only habitat for the threatened toad, Bufo valhallae (genus Bufo). Coral reef areas around the island are known for their large variety of fish species.
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