HONGKONG - Hong Kong (Chinese: 香港; Pinyin: Xiānggǎng; officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) was a municipality in the southeastern part of China, in the Pearl River Estuaries and the sea of southern China. Hong Kong is famous for its development the expansiveness, the seaports in the natural, and the population density is very high (approximately 7 million acres in 1,104 km2 (419 sq mi). The population of Hong Kong is currently composed of 93.6% ethnic Chinese. Most of the residents of Hong Kong are Cantonese came from Guangdong Province, where the population with the skills to escape when the Communist government control of China in 1949.

After the defeat of China in the first Opium War (1839 – 42) of the United Kingdom, Hong Kong became a colony of the United Kingdom with the cession of Hong Kong Island, later followed in 1860 Kowloon peninsula and New Territories 99 years in 1898. After it was occupied by Japan during World War II (1941 – 45), the United Kingdom returned control of Hong Kong until 30 June 1997. As a result of negotiations between China and the United Kingdom, Hong Kong was handed over to the people's Republic of China via the Joint Sino-Deklaratasi United Kingdom in 1984. The city became the first special administrative region of China, through the principle of "one country, two systems".

In the late 1970s, Hong Kong developed into a major trading and liaison of the world financial center, and is regarded as one of the global city. The city occupies the fifth position in the Global Cities Index 2014 after New York, London, Tokyo and Paris. The city has a high per capita income and subjected to severe economic imbalances. The city also has a high human development index. Hong Kong is the third most important financial centre after New York and London. A service-based economy, characterized by low taxes and free trade, and the currency of the country (Hong Kong dollar) is the most widely traded currency in the world.

The limitations of the land makes a solid infrastructure with a modern architecture, making Hong Kong as the world's most vertical city. Hong Kong has an excellent public transportation connections are excellent, and 90% of the population use mass transportation, both bus or train.

If it was in hongkong we encourage you to visit the following places:

  • Victoria Peak

Yet to Hong Kong its name if it does not rise to the Victoria Peak and see the Fragrant Harbour of height. The view from the Sky Terrace is arguably the outstanding. Make sure you come the time of day and night so that can get 2 different scenes, also make sure the weather is clean.
  • The Hong Kong Peak Tram

Go up to Victoria Peak can use regular buses, but the experience of riding the Peak Tram has its own sensation. Peak Tram Ride queue is indeed wonderful if again in the holiday season, it could be 1 hour later can turn up.

Design tram still jadul and typical arrangement, lobby/hallway inside the tram cascading. Make sure you sit in the Chair right side to get the best view.
  • Star Ferry

Ferry crossing Victoria Harbour can be a platform for photo session. There are several routes of Star Ferry can we ride from port Tsim Sha Tsui, Central, Wanchai, to Northpoint, but the most interesting is the route of the TST-Central. Sufficiently capitalized, Octopus Card, we just tap-in goes into the ferry decks departs every 10 minutes, and then come out live tap-out, the total cost is only HKD 2 per trip.
  • Ocean Park

Many people have difficulty choosing Hong Kong Disneyland or Ocean Park as a destination for holidays with the family. If Disneyland may have You enjoy in Tokyo or Paris, then there is only Ocean Park in Hong Kong.

See panda-panda cute are snooze or eat bamboo, as well as a collection of jellyfish that are so beautiful, not to mention the existence of the many rides that can be enjoyed by young and old.
  • Lantau Island

The largest island in Hong Kong, but have yet to fall for the development. Lantau Island presents its green side of Hong Kong if we are suffocating with the density of Kowloon and Causeway Bay. Here are some of the attractions that can be enjoyed, from the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car which takes us to the Po Lin Monastery and the Giant Buddha, to the hiking track is for those who love adventure.
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