ARGENTINA - The Republic of Argentina is a country in Latin America located in the southern part of the continent of South America. Its position between the Andes mountains to the West and the Atlantic Ocean to the South. This location makes Argentina known as the southernmost State in the ' South ' (Spain: "Sur del sur"). Argentina has a vast area and is the eighth largest country in the world while the capital Buenos Aires is one of the world's most populous metropolitan. It borders Paraguay and Bolivia to the North, Brazil and Uruguay in the Northeast and Chile to the West. The official name for the sake of legislating is Argentina ' State ' (Nacion Argentina).

places of interest in argentina:

  • Bariloche

The area of Bariloche, along with Seven Lakes, is a mountainous area in western Argentina that has a ski, trekking, and mountain together Shope, candied, chocolate shops, and cafes. Classic climate this area mix well with an exotic location to give you a truly memorable retreat.
  • Cordoba

Cordoba is the second largest city in Argentina. Cordoba contains a number of buildings remaining from colonial Spain, such as the Church and part of the oldest universities in the country. The University has attracted people from all over the country for hundreds of years, and partly as a result of this, Cordoba is often regarded as one of the most culturally rich cities in the country as well. This goal is also full of things to do such as golf on one of the golf courses. Or you can travel, horses, cycling and much more.
  • Iguazu Falls

It is located on the border between Brazil and Argentina, Iguazu Falls is one of the most powerful currents of waterfalls in the world. With 275 drops and a width of more than one and a half miles, this is the iconic goal which is often highlighted, and each trip passes through the area.
  • Mendoza

For travelers who prefer a little less snow in their adventures in Mendoza City is often a choice in Argentina. Despite easy access to the Andes, Mendoza has activities such as horseback riding, hiking, and rafting as well as cultural activities such as wine tasting more (because of the abundant number of vineyards in the area).

  • The Andes Mountains

Speaking of the Andes, however, these mountains are the main features of South America and offers quite a lot of things for visitors to do. Whether it is skiing down the slopes of one of the lot, climb Aconcagua (the highest mountain in the whole of the chain), or just fly over them to see, the Andes remain accessible and interesting as part of any vacation.
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