POLAND - Poland (Polish Polska) is a Republic in Central Europe bordered by Germany to the West of the Oder-Neisse Border, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the South, Russia (Kaliningrad), Lithuania in the North-East and Belarus and Ukraine to the West (the Curzon line).

place a great place created on the visit in Poland:

  • Bieszczady Mountains

A romantic paradise for nature lovers. The green mountains are gently seasoned with traditional wooden churches is one of the most remote regions in Europe. Amazing wildlife and beautiful scenery make it an ideal tourist destination. Bieszczady is the most beautiful in summer and autumn, while during the winter they invited fans of skiing.
  • Czestochowa

Medium size city of Czestochowa is located in the heart of the Into-Czestochowska Upland, an area characterized by rocks of the Jurassic. Czestochowa is normally associated with Jasna Gora Monastery which houses the country's largest Mary Poland. For the majority of the population of Poland it was an important pilgrimage destination and main shrines of the Virgin Mary. The icon is known as the Black Madonna of Czestochowa was crowned in the year 1656 as Queen and protector of Poland is credited with many miracles. This is a unique place that You shouldn't miss when you visit Poland.
  • Gdansk (Danzig)

Maritime city is very popular as a place of vacation tour. Located across from the sea, this place has a gentle climate and beautiful beaches. A seaside resort is famous with the name of the nearby Sopotada, also terdapatArsitektur from the old city, including the largest brick Gothic church in the world no doubt. Gdansk is often used to change hands and in 1980 it was to witness the birth of the solidarity movement, which brought the end of communism. So this place was a place for the State's most historic Poland.
  • Krakow (Cracow)

Krakow is one of the best tourist places in Europe. Most of the guests of the city lured by the atmosphere magical and beautiful architecture. In Krakow, you can see the medieval cathedral, the Renaissance Castle, Baroque churches, Art Nouveau theatre and other monuments. But don't think that Krakow is limited to the monuments and museums. Thanks to the incredible density of bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants, sparkling capable Krakow became one of the best tourist areas in Europe, especially during the warm season.
  • Masurian Lakes

For sailing enthusiasts, fishermen, hikers, cyclists and those seeking tranquility, Masuria is the number one tourist destination which can be visited. In addition to water sports and wandering around, you can also explore the many historic places. There is a castle in Reszel, Nidzica and stunning Baroque church, Gizycko in SwietaLipka and the war Hitler's headquarters in the forest near Ketrzyn.
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