NEW YORK (AMERIKA SERIKAT) - New York is a State in the United States located in the (region) between the Mid-atlantic, and northeast of the United States. With 62 villages (counties) made New York State has a number of three largest in the United States. New York is bordered by the State of Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, and shares a water border with Rhode Island as well as with with the international border with Canada provinces, namely Quebec and Ontario. New York has five major cities, namely: New York City (the largest city in the United States), Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, and Syracuse.

New York City is known for its history as a gateway for immigrants entry to the United States, and its status as a financial center, cultural, transportation, and manufacturing.

New York in the early 17th century, inhabited by native American tribes of the Algonquian Indians, Iroquois, and Lenape nation at the same time the Netherlands and France began to enter the region. The first recognition was made by Henry Hudson in 1609, the region belonged to Netherlands advancing inhabit Fort Orange, near the current location is the capital of New York, Albany, New York in 1614, and in 1624 was colonized by the Netherlands, both in Albany, and Manhattan; later fell to the United Kingdom when captured in 1664. About one-third of the battle of the revolutionary war took place in New York. New York became an independent State on July 9, 1776 and legislate New York in 1777. New York State passed legislation in the United States in 1788, and became the 11th State.

the following must-see cities in New York :

  •  Statue of Liberty

All certainly know the figure of a giant statue of a woman with a Crown of thorns and obornya already so its icon.

Yup the sights in New York this is a Sculpture that has bore the status of UNESCO as one of the world heritage site, where the statue of Liberty is situated right on Liberty Island, Manhattan, New York City.

The statue in the style of a French neoclassical artist is cool, especially if you see from deket. Not surprisingly tough hollywood movies often really this clay statue
  • Empire State Building

Tourist attractions in New York, the second is the Empire State Building. She is the tallest skyscraper in New York after the WTC collapsed on September 11, 2001.

Empire State Buliding is the Office building into the sights of, because not just employees, traveler are also allowed to enter.

For you curious same height, you can climb the observation deck on the 86th floor or floor 102 of this building. You can enjoy great views of New York City from a height of approximately 443,2 m, awesome
  • Times Square

Nah he's busiest road junction, on the persimpang road of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, there are the attractions of the famous New York next to Times Square.

Times Square is an area of the entertainment industry that is identical with a lot of colorful illuminated billboards.

With free vehicles as well as there are many plazas, restaurants, hotels and entertainment industry, Times Square is New York's attractions most visited.

Against the background of the typical views of New York City, this place suitable for you who like to hang out and selfie
  • Central Park

This time we move on to Garden City New York City's Central Park. In addition there is a garden area complete with benches and lights, Central Park also had areas of natural forest conservation, parks, zoos, lakes and ponds, ice skating field, playground, and there is a castle. Complete really right?
Not just that, Central Park is also deploying variety of entertainment events during summer. You there would be refreshing views of various eyes ngeliat, if Sherlock said in the post article about the cliff Palace, can be ngeliat money rich green all-round view 20rb
  • Brooklyn Bridge

The oldest suspension bridge in the United States who became his New York City landmark on this one so the sights in New York that you visit next.

The scenery around the River East River at night, because of the more cool views of the surrounding looks beautiful with ornate lamp reflected the same surface of the river.
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