RIDWAN KAMIL - Mochamad Ridwan Kamil, St. MUD. (born in Bandung, October 4, 1971; age 43) was the Mayor of Bandung for the period 2013-2018. Before becoming a public official, a familiar man called Emil Kang has a career as an architect and adjunct at the Bandung Institute of technology. Emil is the son of Dr. Atje Misbach, s. h. (RIP) and Dra. Tjutju Sukaesih. In 2013 the Emil from professionals nominated by the prosperous Justice Party (PKS) and the party for mayor of Bandung with GENERRA accompanied by Oded Muhammad Danial as Vice Mayor. In the Plenary meeting of the General Election Commission city of Bandung on June 28, 2013, the pair winning landslide of seven other couples by grabbing 45,24% of the votes so that Couples Ridwan Kamil – Muhammad Danial Oded (ECFA) set to be a winner in the elections of the Mayor of Bandung 2013.


SDN Banjarsari III Bandung 1978-1984
SMP Negeri 2 Bandung 1984-1987
SMA Negeri 3 Bandung 1987-1990
Bachelor of Architectural Engineering of S-1 Bandung Institute of technology 1990-1995
Master of Urban Design at the University of California, Berkeley, 1999-2001

After graduating from S2 from the University of California, Berkeley, Ridwan Kamil continuing professional work as an architect in various firms in the United States. Previous Ridwan Kamil started her career works in America shortly after graduating from S1, but only revolves around four months he stopped work because affected the monetary crisis that hit Indonesia at that time. Indirect return to Indonesia, he survived in the Americas before finally got a scholarship at the University of California, Berkeley. While taking the S2 in the Univesitas Ridwan Kamil works part-time in the Department of Perancanaan the city of Berkeley. In 2002 Ridwan Kamil returned to his homeland of Indonesia and two years later founded the Urbane, a company engaged in the field of consulting services of planning, architecture and design. Now Ridwan Kamil actively served as principal of the Urbane Indonesia PT., lecturer at the Department of Architectural Engineering Institute of technology Bandung [2], as well as Senior Urban Design Consultant SOM, EDAW (Hong Kong & San Francisco), and SAA (Singapore).

Urbane is a company founded by Ridwan Kamil in 2004 with her friends as Achmad d. Tardiyana, Reza Nurtjahja and Roger w. Dervish. International reputation already they wake up with working on projects outside of Indonesia as Syria Al-Noor Ecopolis in countries of Syria and Financial District of Suzhou in China. Urbane team itself consists of young professionals and creative thinking idealist to find and create solutions on the issue of environmental and urban design. Urbane also has a community-based project in a Community Project where the Urbane vision and mission is to help people in an urban community to donate and skills in improving the surrounding area.

Urbane has been awarded many awards from international media such as the BCI Asia Awards three years in a row in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and also the BCI Green Award in 2009 over the project to design a House bottle (from bottles). Urbane also often follow the competition in the field of architecture of the national level such as the desian Champion 1 Tsunami Museum design competition in Nangro Aceh Darrussalam 2007 design competition winners, campus 1 University of Tarumanegara 2007 design competition winners, cultural studies at the University of Indonesia in 2009, Studio design competition winners in the new town Nagari Parahyangan in Bandung District of West and Central design competition winners art and art school at the University of Indonesia in 2009.

The results of his work Urbane:
  1. University of Tarumanegara Campus 1, Jakarta (2005)
  2. Great mosque of West Sumatra, Minangkabau Edifice (2006)
  3. Paramount Ivory Serpong Lakes, (2006)
  4. Gramedia Expo Surabaya (2006)
  5. Mosque in Cibubur, Bogor (2007)
  6. Bintaro Tangerang, X-Change (2007)
  7. Jababeka, Cikarang Remasterplan City (2007)
  8. UMN campus, Serpong (2007)
  9. Area 24, Jakarta (2007)
  10. Hotel Santika Premiere, Delhi (2007)
  11. Bridge Westdrain Ancol, Jakarta (2007)
  12. Brass City, Jakarta (2007)
  13. Bottle House (home of the bottle), Bandung (2008)
  14. Paramount Gateaway, Serpong (20078
  15. Masjid Al-Mukmin Is The New City Of Parahyangan, Kab. West Bandung (2008)
  16. SpringHill Royal Residences, Jakarta (2008)
  17. The Office of STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES, Jakarta (2008)
  18. The Convergence, Jakarta (2008)
  19. Rusunami East Cakung, Sentra (2008)
  20. The Centre of culture and Arts of the University of Indonesia, Depok (2009)
  21. The Magix Box, University of Indonesia's Faculty of art and culture (2009)
  22. Medan, Medan Focal Point (2009)
  23. Museum Taufik Hidayat, Jakarta (2009)
  24. Mosque in Semarang, Semarang (2010)
  25. Madura (Suramadu), Mosque (2010)
  26. Masjid Gegerkalong, Bandung (2010)
  27. Aceh Tsunami Museum-Rumoh Aceh, NAD (2010)
  28. Harris Hotel Bogor, Bogor (2011)
  29. Masjid Antapani, Bandung (2011)
  30. Heteropia Office Tower, Jakarta (2011)
  31. The Office of the Union of Engineers Indonesia (PII), Jakarta (2012)
  32. Hotels Tangerang, Banten (2011)
  33. Hotel Horison Ultima, Purwokerto (2011)
  34. Tijili Hotel Seminyak, Bali (2011)
  35. 6 Office Park, Jakarta (2011)
  36. Discovery World Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Cibubur, Bogor (2011)
  37. United Tractors office, Bekasi (2012)
  38. LKPP Office, Jakarta (2012)
  39. Civil Bank Office, Bandung (2012)
  40. Essence Apartment, Jakarta (2012)
  41. Two kirana, Jakarta (2012)
  42. Aquatic Stadium, Senayan Jakarta (2012)
  43. Al-Azhar mosque, Summarecon, Bekasi (2013)
  44. Masjid Emerald Bintaro, Tangerang (2013)
Social and community.
  • The Playground Babakan Kopo Asih Bandung. This is a free-range repair program by purchasing a plot of land to become playground activities and coloring the walls race Kampong with creative images.
  • Bandung Community Gardening. This activity is a way citizens of Bandung utilize land-land empty for dihijaukan by crop such as vegetables. Location of the gardens is also a social space as an alternative to weekend for children. The crops most sell for extra income members of the community.
  • Indonesian Cycling (Bike Bdg). These activities give you an option to the citizens of the city of bandung to work everyday with the rental bike (Bike Sharing).
  • Declaration of Babakan Siliwangi as UN World City Forest.

  • Bandung Creative Park Project: Garden Cikapayang Dago
  • The mosque is a social project of Merapi, which uses ash eruption converted to brick making.
  • Earthquake home field, this social Project is the construction of earthquake resistant houses with local wood and bamboo material.
  • Bottle Lamp (Walking Brain).
  • Bottle House, a house designed with the concept of ' courtyard house ' was built with more than 30000 bottles.
  • Aceh Tsunami Museum. This museum is the result of design paper competition in 2007 to commemorate the Tsunami


  • Urban Leadership Award from the Univ Pensylvania, USA [3]

  • People's minds Award 2012 for Young Creative Personalities
  • Winner of the International Young Design Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the British Council Indonesia
  • Google Chrome l Web Heroes for Indonesia Berkebun
  • Indonesia Green Awards “Penghargaan Penginspirasi Bumi”, Penggagas Indonesia Berkebun
  • Indonesia Green Awards “Penghargaan Penginspirasi Bumi”, Green Building Rasuna Epicentrum

  • Green Leadership Award for Al-Irsyad Mosque from BCI Asia
  • Top 5, Best Building of The Year 2010 from ArchDaily for Al-Irsyad Mosque

  • BCI Asia Top Ten Architecture Business Award
  • Winner third prize : Design Competition Suramadu Mosque
  • The 6th Winner of The Best Design Architecture Consultant, Citradata Award

  • Architect of the Year from Elle Décor Magazine.
  • BCI Asia Top Ten Architecture Business Award
  • Winner first prize : Design Competition University of Indonesia Cultural Center

  • Winner first prize : Design competition for Tangerang Gateway, 2008
  • BCI Asia Top Ten Architecture Business Award 2007
  • Winner first prize : International Design competition for Aceh Tsunami Museum
  • Winner first prize : Design competition Bintaro CBD Master Plan, Jakarta
  • Winner first prize : Design competition Jakarta Stock Exchange, Jakarta

  • Winner first prize : International Design competition for Aceh Tsunami Museum
  • Winner first prize : Design competition Bintaro CBD Master Plan, Jakarta
  • Winner first prize : Design competition Jakarta Stock Exchange, Jakarta

  • Winner International Young Design Entrepreneur of the Year from British Council Indonesia
  • Winner Best Commercial/Superblock Project for Rasuna Epicentrum by Property&Bank Magazine
  • Winner Mowilex Design Awards (Al-Azhar International School)
  • Winner first prize : Design competition Kemayoran Urban Gateway
  • Winner of second prize: National design competition-the sower International School, Jakarta

  • Winner of first prize: International Design competition Waterfront Retail Masterplan, Suzhou, China
  • Winner of first prize: International Design competition Kunming Tech Park, Kunming, China
  • First prize winner: Design competition-IT-Center Pupuk Kaltim, Balikpapan
  • Winner of first prize: National design competition – University of Tarumanagara
  • Winner of second prize: National design competition-Agung Sedayu Club House, Jakarta
  • Winner of the third prize: National design competition Jatinegara District Revitalization, Jakarta

  • Winner of first prize: International Design competition-Islamic Center, Beijing, China
  • Winner of second prize: Senen District Revitalization Design competition
  • Urban Architecture at Tarumanegara University, Epicentrum, and Expo Area of Surabaya.
  • JSX Tower.
  • Gan and Oil Tower, Jakarta.
  • Sahid Twin Tower, Jakarta.
  • Beijing Finance Street superblock.
  • Masjid Al Ershad parahyangan new town, West Java.
  • Urban Design in Jeddah Town, and Al Noor Ecopolis in Syria.

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