SWEDEN  - Kingdom of Sweden Konungariket Sverige or in the language of Sweden is a Nordic country in Scandinavia, Europe's capital city is Stockholm. The country is bordered by Norway in the West and Finland to the Northeast, the Skagerrak Strait and the Kattegat Strait in the Southwest, and the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia on the East.

In 1995 Sweden joined the European Union but, until now, Sweden still have not joined the Monetary Union of Europe. Sweden including developed countries and people get a good public service.

The population density is very low in Sweden except in metropolitan areas, but the de facto official language, is the language of Sweden or Svenska.

Sweden is one of the poorest countries in Europe in the 19th century, due to the high alcohol consumption and dogmatik Protestantism, to develop transport and communication allow utilization of natural assets of some parts of the country, notably the timber and iron ore. Now, the country is defined by liberal tendencies and desires a strong equalization, and is usually located in the upper order in the UN Human Development Index.

Capital Volvo cars producing countries this is Stockholm. The population of nine million people inhabit more than 440,000 km² making it the country contained in # 155 in population density in the world.

Interesting places in Sweden:

  • Stockholm

Stockholm's old town is famous by the tourists, but the narrow streets – the course remains fun to explore. Make sure you try the waffle cones are rolled by hand. I also merkomendasikan you to visit the museum of Vasa (Vasamusset). This museum is the place to see the Vasa, a sinking large warships on its maiden voyage of 1628, and knowing how to be appointed from the harbour of Stockholm. Don't miss the other places in the city, most notably The Old Town, Drottningholm Palace and Court Theater.
  • Gothenburg

Sweden's second largest city has the beauty of the land and sea. Here there is a Museum of World Culture that can expand your insight. Those of you who love to shop can visit Feskekorka to locate the fish market of goods – goods anti, or you are simply enjoying the romantic atmosphere, can visit the Gothenburg Opera House. The city is often held Metaltoen Festival, a summer festival for lovers of the music flow of metal. There's more places – places that waji visited if it is in Gothenberg Gothenberg, i.e. There are Southern, Subantarctic, Slottsskogen, and Volvo Museum.
  • Malmo

Malmö is Sweden's third largest city. Here you will see the different places that can describe the impression of the middle ages. That being the center of attention is the Øresund bridge. This is the bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark that are restricted by the Øresund Strait. In addition to this, jebatan in the city of Malmo is also another bridge, namely the Oresund Bridge. For you House of Christians, you can pray at the Church of Saint Peter. In addition you can also admire the buildings that are environmentally friendly. Why is it so? because many of the building – a building there that there is growing – the plants on the wall or above the roof. This could be an inspiration you can apply after coming home from Malmo later.
  • Visby

Visby is one of the foremost medieval town in Sweden. Each August, the town hosts the medieval week. There will be a lot of distinctive dress, party, as well as martial matches on horseback. But you don't have to visit Visby in August to experience the feel of the century its middle. You simply trace the path – a stone path which winds around the city, you can take a tour of the city of Ta, and you can visit the ancient church which was built in the 13th century. That becomes interesting things from this church are the walls extending as far as 13 kilometres that was once a stronghold.
  • Gavle

Gavle is your destination who want tranquility. The place is very beautiful and rich in charm
Naturally, everything from home – colourful wooden houses, up to a number of its lakes that turn blue. Memancinf and canoeing are some of the popular outdoor activities available. The whole city can be surrounded with ease using the system bus and taxi are very good, but the most fun way to enjoy the scenery is on foot or riding a bicycle, while visiting the stores – shops, pubs, and restaurants along the way. Every winter, students and local merchants will make the famous Goat Glave from straws, namely a giant version of the Yule Goat Sweden. It has already become a tradition of this place since 1966.
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