The genius Bill Gates

The genius Bill Gates - Bill Gates is one of the most famous names in the technology universe. He founded Microsoft incarnate as the largest software company in the world.

The name Bill Gates often crowned as the richest man in the world. In fact, the ride of his life arguably not very smooth where he prefers to drop out from the University.

What is the life story of Bill Gates and how Microsoft builds its efforts from the ground? Here's a brief history of the bespectacled man that collected detikINET from different sources.

Born of the Family


Full name Bill Gates is William Henry "Bill" Gates III. His father of the same name him William Henry Gates II currently aged 86 years. While the mothers, Mary Maxwell Gates died in 1994.

Gates's father's profession as a lawyer. While the mother occupying the leadership Council at various companies. Gates had two saudawar woman named Kristianne and Libby.

In the family is that, Bill Gates grew up. Bill is very close to his mother, Mary. Mary in his youth was known as athletes and top students. He instilled the value of kedisplinan on his children, including Bill Gates.

Mary Sue his son to study hard, work out and follow les music. He also hopes his children dressed up with inappropriate and welcoming to guests visiting the House.

"Her parents are involved with her son. It's not just a matter of rank in class or such, but how we should behave in public, "shot Libby Armintrout, sister of Bill Gates.

Avid Reading

Since a young age or around 10 years, Bill Gates, according to interviews his father had very rather learn. He's already finished reading the World Book Encylopedia of the series start to finish.

"I really have a lot of dreams while still small and I think it grew out of the fact that I had a chance to read a lot," said Gates once.

His parents are very supportive of such a great hobby. They always buy any book that was asked by his son. At the age of 11 years, Gates already active to ask father question business topics to world events.

"It's interesting and I think it is a great thing. But her mother didn't like it, "recalls when Gates senior.

Yes, the mother started to worry because the Gates began to tend to only like struggling with books instead of dealing with others. Gates often began to quarrel with any mother who attempts to control it

The Clever boy


Gates ' mother and father began to worry because his son looks quickly bored. He was the son of a clever and able to absorb all of the lessons well.
At the age of 13 years, Bill study in the exclusive school, Lakeside School. He was known as a very clever students there.

On the other hand, Bill Gates doesn't like to begin controlled his parents. At a dinner when Gates was a teenager, she said her mother on a pretty rough because of a quarrel. The father ever throw a bottle of drink into the face of his son. He was disappointed the Cubs become recalcitrant.

Gates is finally brought to a therapist. The Counselor claimed that in the end, the kid will win in ' the quarrel ' so it is advised to not be too mengekangnya.

Gates ' mother and father eventually let his son grow independently and not very mengekangnya again. Gates ever fond of adventure for his fiddle menyalurka atik computer.

He once spent a few nights at the University of Washington to the main computer. He also works part-time as a programmer at a power plant in Southern Washington.

Choose Drop Out


Finally after setting up Microsoft along with Paul Allen, Bill Gates decided to drop out of Harvard University. Despite the weight, her parents mendukun her decision that.

"Mary and I was very anxious about that. The expectation and I are actually the same with people who have children in University, namely that he the graduation, "said Gates senior.

His mother still asks Gates do some things. For example, keeping her house clean and come to visit once a week to eat together.

"It was a decision the weight and I know parents are also about that. And though I will never encourage others to drop out of school, for me it was the right choice, "said Bill Gates once.

But Gates has said penitential didn't get to finish his studies. He asked that the students not to follow in his footsteps.

"I think the drop out of College is not a good idea. I'm glad to be sitting for College despite only two and a half years. I complete some college with an online course, "said Gates in a speech at the University of Chicago.

The Triumph Of Microsoft

The choice of Bill Gates to drop out is indeed the right time for him. He developed the Microsoft focus then succeeded as the largest computer software producer in the world.

The Windows operating system is still very dominant in the vast majority of computers. And yet there is a competitor. Any bill passing was crowned as the richest man in the world. Treasure his fortune being estimated USD 61 billion.

"I took a giant step and immediately. If you are in the right place and time and has a vision of where the new technologies will go to but you are not in action, you will never be successful, "he said about the success of the recipe.

Currently, Bill Gates has indeed retired in charge of Microsoft. He chose to focus on humanitarian affairs at the Foundation of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Until 2007, the total donation Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have reached USD 28 billion. This Foundation is considered one of the most widely raised money for humanitarian activities.

Bill Gates himself is reported to have given a large percentage of his wealth to philanthropy, amounting to 48%. He joined other wealthy benefactors also have the same footprint, such as Andrew Carnegie and Warren Buffet.

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