5 Technologies that will be released in 2016

5 Technologies that will be released in 2016 - 2016 stay counting the days. Not even a month away we will soon greet 2016. So many predictions and forecasts that might 2016 stay counting the days. Not even a month away we will soon greet 2016. So many predictions and forecasts that might also terjasi during the next year. But we will not talk to forecast the indigo kids style. This time we kana share what information technology is ready to release the year 2016. It's, 12 months is not a long time. However, the fact is that scientists are already moving more quickly. They are ready to introduce new things that never even occurred to our brains.

Yess, next year the society will be more technological literacy. Many things start "intelligent" and connected to the internet. The gadget also began to enter a new era. If the 2015 we see a gadget that combined with watches, what will happen with the next year huh? Let's follow the next

Nexbit Robin

The thing that most make us Bête when main gadget is a "storage is full". Especially if the are fun photos. Uh, all of a sudden the gadget already no longer able to accommodate. But don't worry, the upcoming 2016 aka tone of new technology in smartphones Nexbit Robin. This smartphone is claimed to have the cutting-edge technology. Media storage Nexbit certainly will never run out. The storage Nexbit Robin have in predictions are always available. Wih, want to download apa aja berapakalipun selfie, gadgets and stay safe.

Project Ara


This project was conceived by Google Ltd. Where, smartphones can be dismantled and in other components with the rebuild. So, we can choose their own specs, processor, camera LCD and whatever else we want to replace. Walah, engrossed dong! If we buy a smartphone should not resigned with paketan the hardware provided, we freely make our own smartphones.

Information thing

Information thing was introduced first in a sophisticated home. The House could send the message to its owner if it detects a "mistake". As the temperature is too hot, the presence of unnatural movement and others. So, when the owner of the House is not in place, there is a sophisticated technology that will be 24-hour security guard. Nah! 2016 technology information thing will be more cool. The more objects that are connected to each other and be able to send you a voice message and also text.

Print 3D and Bioprint


There have been many objects successfully printed with 3D printers. But the 2016 later, material that can be used to print on 3D printer is getting easier, as well as the printer controller in the form of the application.

An expert in the IEEE says that the print food using a 3D printer will become a trend. We can print out the candy, chocolate cake, birthday cake, or even pasta and pizza.

Researchers also already there who developed the bioprinting, which allows 3D printer prints food can be eaten. Wih, meaning the ink and other material from the 3D printers can be eaten.

Bluetooth Beacons


In contrast to conventional Bluetooth which is already known to us since many years ago, Bluetooth Beacons of course more sophisticated. Bleutooth powered beacon is a beacon or toer paired in certain areas. With this, you can get the location information at the same time being able to send messages in real time.

For example, if you're in an airport and you confusion, Bluetooth Beacons will mengirimu messages on the gate where and what time you need to check in. Similarly, when you are in a shopping mall. Bluetooth Beacons will with alacrity mengirimkanmu information nearby shops who are holding discount.
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