Cuba, a country that is considered the dangerous country for most countries in the world, is now transformed into a tourist magnet of the world should be taken into account. Even the United State which used to been put pressure on Cuba in the form of economic embargo as well as the awarding of the penalty for citizens who are traveling to Cuba is now gradually beginning to soften.
Since the 2012 tourism Cuba started to recognize world travelers. Cause no other due to an exotic nature. Cuba also has the old town are well maintained. Urban areas to the coast of the country are comparable to other developed countries. Thuswherever the target destinations for tourists while traveling to Cuba?

Santiago de Cuba

Cuba has a long history of interest to learn. For it to begin the adventure of exploring Cuba and came to the old buildings that are in Santiago de Cuba. This is a town inthe East of the country at the same time the capital of the province of Santiago de Cuba. A world traveler always incorporate the city in their itinerary when visiting Cubawhich makes it one of the popular tourist destination there.

Numerous Attractions traveler can met while visiting Cuba's second Reviews largest city. In July there will be an annual festival in the form of Afro-Cuban music and dancing along the streets night. Do not forget to visit the Museo Emilio Bacardo the which is the oldest museum featuring mummies from ancient Egypt and Peru.

Before moving out of the city to squeeze in an old fortress to witness the war United with Spain, namely The Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca. This castle can be found in Santiago.

Malecon, The Port City Hangout For Tourists

Complete your journey in Cuba and came to a favorite hangout for tourists and local residents also in the Malecon. This is a very wide open park which is located on the edge of the beach. It is set in Old Havana and is located at the mouth of Havana Harbor.

It consists of open Park Street and seawall which stretches along the 8 kilometres starting from Old Havana, Centro Habana neighborhood heading north and ends in Vedado.

Santa Clara, the city Faced Colonial Cuba

The second must-see when you visit to Cuba is the Santa Clara also became the capital of Villa Clara. The place is very interesting because it has the aura of a colonial ambience.

Some of the interesting places that can become Your vacation options in the city, among others, by visiting the museum and memorial, revolutionary Monumento delChe residing in the hills near the town.

The Museum becomes tourist hunting destinations coming to Santa Clara, because inside the museum are stored various goods including the university diploma belong Che Guevara, the Cuban President shared photos of Fidel Castro as well as weapon of war that he used during the revolutionary war.

Varadero, Sun Arena, play sand and Ranks alongside the Beach Resort

The Cuban archipelago is included then it felt incomplete if the visit there but not itswater tasting. The most popular place to visit is Varadero, a resort on the coast that include white sand beach along almost 20 kilometres. With the size of it makes theVaradero as one of the largest resort in the Caribbean.

Exciting range of facilities were also present in the tourist areas. You can play golf atthe beachside resort golf, fishing, diving and also snorkeling. Don't miss also the presence of a wide range of hotels from cheap to luxury.
So, even though this region is famous but still friendly to tourists with the mediocre budget
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