Literature of the island of sabang (Indonesia)

Literature of the island of sabang (Indonesia) - As a resident of sabang, born and raised in Sabang, is our duty to preserve the culture that we have. No exception the various origins of the story, though some people claimed it was simply a mere myth, but that's the typical based we should keep our preserve. Well, without further ADO, I just paparka the various legends, containing the city on the Western tip of Sumatra. check this out!

1. The origin of the name sabang
Sabang name itself, derived from the Aceh "Saban", which means equally or without discrimination. It departs from the character of the people who tend to Sabang receptive to newcomers or visitors. This character is somewhat different from the character of the people of Aceh are generally tend to be closed against the new people they know.

Another version says that the name comes from the Arabic Word, i.e. "Shabag" which means the mountain erupted. Once upon a time there were still many active volcanoes in Sabang, this can still be seen in the volcano in Jaboi and volcanoes in the sea Men Laot.

In addition, the city was often accosted "weh island" also has an interesting origin. Weh island is derived from the words in the language of aceh, "weh" which means to move, according to a history of outstanding Weh island was originally a single entity with the island of Sumatra, which is the unification of the Mainland with the Mainland Ulee Lheue sabang. following her story

At a time when the island was still split into two Andalas Island Island East part and West part of the island, the island's second in a row by the Straits separate the very narrow, diselat it tinggalah a dragon named Sabang, at that time in both the island stands the two kingdoms named Kingdom of Daru and the Kingdom of nature. The Kingdom of Daru in lead the Sultan by Daru are at the eastern part of the island and Kingdom of nature in the lead by Sultan Alam was dipulau to the West. Sultan Alam was very fair and wise to its people and very clever trade so that the Kingdom of Nature became a prosperous and advanced Kingdom. While the Sultan that was very cruel to his subjects and likes pillaged merchant ships crossing its waters.

Has long been the envy of Daru to Sultan Sultan Alam and already also he tried to invade the Kingdom of Nature but always in Sabang block by the Dragon, so his desire to master a prosperous Kingdom of Nature is not achieved.

Then one day a Royal Advisor dipanggilah Daru named Tuanku Gurka, "Tuanku Gurka, we've often attacked the Kingdom of nature but always stop by the Dragon in Sabang, try thou find out who the person who could defeat the Dragon", the command of the Sultan of Daru.

"His Majesty, the Dragon is the keeper of the Straits of Sabang Sequence, if the Dragon dies it will be the second meal merges because there is no creature capable of taking care of a buffer between the two island in addition to the Dragon", obviously My Gurka.

"I don't care about both this island blend, I wanted to rule the Kingdom of nature", it is clear the Sultan of Daru. "There are two giant named Seulawah Agam and Seulawah Inong, their powers," said Tuanku Gurka.

"Seulawah Agam possess enormous strength while the Seulawah Inong have sword geulantue is very quick and very sharp," added Tuanku Gurka.

Then shortly thereafter came the gigantic Sultan facing second Daru to convey their kesangupan fighting the dragon face Sabang. Shortly thereafter dikirimlah messengers to Sabang dragon to let you know that both the giant's upcoming fight with him.

Dragon Sabang sad to hear the news and immediately overlooking the Sultan Alam, "my dear friend, Sultan Alam had already come to Daru Sultan telling people my carrying the message that the two giants Seulawah Agam and Selawah Inong will come against me", explains the dragon to Sultan Alam.

"They are very strong, I'm worried it will lose," said the Dragon. " If only I were killed then the second island would converge, the Earth will be berguncangan hard and the water will recede, then surulah your people ran into the high mountains, because afterwards it will come ie beuna, it was a huge wave that will sweep the land, "the message of the Dragon.

Sultan Alam menitikan tears to hear the message of his dragon, "well my dear friend, I will convey this message to my people.

So at a time that is already set there was a fierce battle between the Dragon and the two giants at the Sabang shore. The Sultan and the people of both the Kingdom of menyaksikn the exciting fight from a distance. On one occasion the giant Selawah Inong successfully slashing his sword into the neck of the Dragon.

Seulawah Agam giant then lift the body of the Dragon and shouted, "Weehh!", while throwing the body of the dragon as a dragon's body, behold their graves today it falls on the high seas. For a moment everyone was speechless, then sultan Alam shouted while waving to their graves today Dragon body deep in the middle of the sea, "Sabaaaaang!, sabaaaang!, sabaaang!" call the Sultan Alam. "O Sultan Alam, not
you have to call again the Dragon!, he is dead ... ... that ulee leue ", Cried Sultan Daru from across the Strait while showed towards the head of the sabang Dragon lying on the beach.

Suddenly the two island moves closer and collide each other so that there was a great earthquake which rocked the ground very hard, here and there, no one was able to stand, the two giants of the Galaxy fall sitting on the beach. Shortly after the quake stopped, seawater recede far away so the fish bergeleparan on the beach. The Sultan and his subjects rejoice Daru ria sees a fish bergeleparan they soon picked up the fish, while the sultan Alam and his people immediately ran toward the mountain height according to the message from Dragon Sabang.

Shortly thereafter came the huge waves swept the island Andalas. The Sultan and his subjects the Daru rejoices in the match report: by the great waves, the two giant powers are also not by huge waves up considerably kedaratan. The destroyed houses, farm animals lay dead, destroyed paddy fields, villages and cities falling apart. While the Sultan Alam and his witness the horrible scene from the top of a high mountain.

Since then the island of Andalas coalesced under the leadership of sultan Alam a fair and wise. They rebuild villages and towns were destroyed, and then constructed a Sultan Alam Royal Town near the former head of the Dragon, the city in the name Koeta Radja and the coast of the former head of the Dragon called Ulee leue (the Snake's head). While the second-place giants of the Galaxy it's buried Seulawah Agam and named Seulawah Inong. While the tebentuk island of the Dragon's body called Weh Island (away) or the island of Sabang.

Ulee Lheue in Banda Aceh Ulee comes from the word Lheueh ("Lheueh"; regardless). One day, that is the volcano (which was above) erupted and caused this region apart. As well as the islands of Java and Sumatra in the past, a separate result Krakatoa erupted. Weh island or Across the world has known since the beginning of the 15th century. Around 1900, Sabang is a fishing village with a port and a good climate. Then the Dutch built a coal depot there, ports deepened, utilizing the plain, so that the place can accommodate up to 25000 tons of coal have been awakened.

Steamships, ships driven by coal, from many countries, stopped to pick up coal, fresh water and other facilities, it can be seen with a large number of buildings still relics of the Netherlands. Before World War II, the port of Sabang very important compared to Singapore. However, when diesel-powered ocean liners are used, then Singapore is becoming more needed, and Sabang began to be forgotten.

In 1970, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia is planning to develop the Sabang in various aspects, including fisheries, industry, trade, and others. The port of Sabang itself eventually became a free port, and became one of the most important ports in Indonesia. But eventually closed in 1986 by reason of being an area that is prone to smuggling of goods.

Early January 2000 President Abdurrahman Wahid confirms Sabang as a free port and free trade area. Goods imported via Sabang tax-free. Luxury cars for sale in Singapore city.

However, when Aceh was designated as a military operations area, the activity of the Sabang a free port was stopped. The activity of the free port, the more deserted with the publication of the decision of the Minister of industry and trade (Menperindag) number 610/MPP/Kep/10/2004 regarding changes to the top of the Decisions Menperindag the number 756/MPP/Kep/12/2003 on imports of capital goods is not new. Cannot longer exist used goods that may come from across the border area of Indonesia, including Sabang.

2. The legend of Lake Baidillah Laot

Seems incomplete if talking about sabang without offending this one. Yes, Lake baidillah laot which is the source of water for the community of sabang menyimban turned out a myriad of legends for the community itself, particularly across the population who lived in the vicinity. here are some beliefs of a population based on a survey that I received.

According to a legend told of waiting for the beautiful Princess that inhabit this island ask the creator to let land on these islands could be planted. To that end, he dumped all over his jewelry as evidence of their earnestness. In return, the creator then rain and earthquakes in the region.

Then the resulting Lake ago named Laot Baidillah. Lake covering an area of approximately 30 acres that until recently a source of water for the community even though the water elevation continues to Sabang shrink. After his wish fulfilled, the Princess approaching to the sea.

Although there are no written sources are obvious, the desire of the Princess in order to become a fertile area of Sabang and beautiful at least tecermin of marine parks
beautiful around Sabang. Such conditions in fact has also given livelihood to the community.

Some elders of the gampong is claimed to often see some bath with daughter escorted a bird with Rainbow in the morning time. Although this statement many reaping the debate, but this recognition is quite interesting.

There is a mystical story takan that first, there is a fisherman who is the middle of fishing above the boat. all of a sudden she jerked due to the feeling the pull of awesome. instantly jump a fish gabu giant and then pull the fisherman into the base URdanau.dan strangely immediately he can breathe in the water. far follow pull fish from the Cork, he was shocked by a Palace of gold at the bottom of the Lake. greeted by dayang Palace he overlooks a beautiful Queen who offers himself to possessions and became yet the fishermen refused because he '' Queen '' told him to stay overnight. the next day, the fishermen were escorted by a pair of strange creatures to the surface. once at home, the fishermen in surprise by the crowd was shocked over her presence. they pleaded the father has been missing for 40 days and was declared dead.

Probably still a lot of legends are hidden behind the beauty of the zero kilometer Indonesia. However, I cukupkan here. next time I will describe more of other legends. all this and thanks.

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