Eman Sulaeman HWC's best Goalkeeper

Eman Sulaeman HWC's best Goalkeeper - Indonesia always disclose the achievements in the Homeless World Cup, this year was no exception. At this year's event was held in Glasgow, Scotland, Indonesia succeeded in membabat team of Cambodia with the score 10-3 on Monday last week (11/7). Unfortunately, in the match of Group G Indonesia had dikalahkam by defending champion Mexico by a score of 2-5.

However, it does not make the team Indonesia discouraged and did not disclose the achievements. Despite losing, Indonesia national team tiper Eman Sulaiman thus became a star field. The reason, Eman that have only one foot is in fact able to head off any ball that is rolling into his pass with a very vivacious. No matter the audience amazed at the action. Game apiknya it then make it into the best goalkeeper in the HWC 2016.

"I dedicate this award made both parents who continue to support from small until now," said the 27-year-old man was. 

Eman born diffable 27 years ago with having only one leg. However, it does not then make him stop to undergo his favourite sport, namely football. Eman confesses her inspired play ball from his friends.

"I've participated in the soccer community where I come from in 2010 and try to participate in the Homeless World Cup 2015 and never thought I would be sent to Glasgow this year," the Jakarta Globe quoted her story.

Eman added, himself does not feel afraid or embarrassed to play soccer in front of the other ball players with the limitations. He claims to be, not a few who looked at it next to the eye will be the ability of Michael play ball. However, with determination and a strong confidence and full support from his parents, Michael and his hobby is studying continues to succeed in the accomplishment of applying international. 

"I am very proud and happy to represent Indonesia in the Homeless World Cup this year," said Eman. This year Indonesia did not manage to bring home the HWC. However, Indonesia successfully ranked the seventh in the event. It is appreciated by the Ministry of youth and sports.

View Eman action in the match against India at the HWC 2016 Click Here

"It's not that the Imperfections should be surrendered, believe yourself, so that we could achieve success in front of our eyes."

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