Sights Of Nature, Brayeun (Leupung In Aceh Besar)

Sights Of Nature, Brayeun (Leupung In Aceh Besar) - Brayeung tourist attraction located in the village of Leupung, Aceh Besar District,. The location is passed through the main streets of Banda Aceh – Meulaboh, tracing the coast, passing through the vicinity of 1-5 km after Andalas cement factory in Lhoknga, Aceh Besar. Brayeung attractions this distance is around 25 km from the city of Banda Aceh.

Interesting things I felt in the tourism Brayeung is a beautiful and natural place, located at the foot of the mountains that are filled with green plants with very fresh air. Forest view bluish green eyes made the stunned and makes all the sense gone we feel tired, when looking at its natural beauty. This tourist attraction has an excellent water quality, the water is crystal clear and blue moves the legs of visitors to quickly dive and enjoy the fresh water of the mountain river. Coolness of the water makes the visitor reluctant to grow up and always want to linger to enjoy the freshness. Many visitors take a bath or even just to simply sit and dip your feet into the water because it does not hold with beauty and coolness of water of the river Brayeung. The clarity of its water, natural rocks reflect in essence, sometimes look too small fish scurry traces the flow of the river.

Irrigation or stretch of the dam created on the flow of the river ranges from approximately 20 metres wide. The depth of the water at the edge of the dam if the above more or less normal conditions lulut adults or 50 cm. And more indented into could have varying depths ranging from as high as pingggang, up to sedada past the head of an adult. In rainy season, the depth of the edge of the dam can mencapat 1 meter. In the dam this is the majority of the visitors spent much of his time to take a bath, take a ria or even enjoy the coolness of the water course. However, in addition to playing and bathing in the dam, visitors also spent much of his time in the bottom of the dam with a panorama of the great river rocks with a lower depth and certainly with smaller water flow.

Around the Brayeung dam, the citizens of the village of leupung established infrastructure resting seats or meals for visitors. Residents there also form a small kiosks as a place to sell drinks and small snacks such as fried bananas and others. The kiosk owner provides tea, coffee in aceh and also instant coffee in the form of saset as sold on the market. Snacks are also available form there such instant noodles, and other snacks. Visitors need not fear starving when it is forgotten or didn't get to carry a lunchbox from home, karna in the sights of Brayeung already there is a wide selection of food at prices that are quite economical and you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere to fill.

In certain months and season fruits arrived, residents also sell his crop to all visitors at low prices. The rugged results such as mangosteen, rambutan and durian. Plants such as mangosteen, durian and rambutan easily found at Brayeung. The trees grow along the way – the way to to the dam and there are also around the area of the dam. These trees do not grow on its own, but in cultivation by villagers from generation to generasai. Brayeung is also a plantation area residents so that plants or trees as it is easy to be found there. Along the road to the dam Brayeung there is also a beautiful rice field seen eyes, surrounded by small rivers flow and shacks while farmers retreat exhausted working Brayeung make the atmosphere really live and natural.

Behind the beauty and advantages belonging to Brayeung, there must be some weaknesses and shortcomings as well. As the saying goes, "there is no ivory that is not cracked," well so did with one of these sights also had a bit of a lack of concern for the visitors. When the rainy season arrives, maybe slightly will affect the clarity of the water of the river. When heavy rain occurs constantly river water could change color to yellow due to the lands of the mountains mixed with rain water then flows into the Brayeung River basin. Water levels will rise sharply and also followed by an increase in the flow of the kederasan River. However, if the intensity of the rain is not too long and not often, water clarity, altitude and tinggkat kederasan the flow of the river is still very good. Therefore, when the rainy season downpours with the intensity of a long and often, it is advisable to undo time vacation to dam Brayeung and choose other attractions that are more secure and convenient to visit in rainy season.

To enter the attractions burayen estimated the distance is less than about 1 km entered into from the banda aceh-meulaboh. The course has been on the tarmac but is not so widespread, but enough to be passed by two cars. Along the way there are incoming housing residents, fields and small rivers. The scenery along the way showing the mountains stretch hujau to a bluish hinted the mountains have different spacing or layout of the sipengamat, it is much different with the altitude and the big trees filled with lush forests blanketed power illustrates the beauty that really exotic.

Brayeung tourist attraction is one of the tourist objects that can be an option for those of you who loved adventure, loved the beauty of nature, rural settlements and mountain expanses, the estate and also the river course. Let alone make friends who have never enjoyed the freshness of the mountains, it is highly recommended to take his time on holiday and sight-seeing attractions of eksotisan to Brayeung.

By reading this artikle overall expected readers can improve his love towards nature and motivated to visit natural sights especially obejek Brayeung nature tours. Similarly with Governments of the region, hope can continue to develop this tourism object with better and more awake again.
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